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Today, we are going to tell you our SEO Flying Agency as the name suggest that the firm provided SEO services in all over Kolkata, the firm provides all work online you will get your work at your place Now, the things come about the rates so, you no need to worry about your pocket because our company does not just provide best SEO service but also take care of the client’s pocket our means you just go or contact online our one of the best leading companies you will find cheap and best SEO services in Kolkata


What is SEO ?

Due to the growing digital world, everyone wants to take their business online for that everyone needs a website and to run a website there is need an important thing and that is SEO means Search engine optimization which is considered a very important part of Digital Marketing Services. in this process website information about the website existence to search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other top engines not only this to make a site popular SEO plays the main role because construction of website input content theme decides to create pages and posts are the one thing but the steps to reach people is a different thing that’s why most of the people like to go for SEO and for that they choose Best SEO Services for their website. So, SEO is that thing that your website content to reach the people and without applying ads, Although, SEO is the most important part of any website. Because is a way publicity of your website or of business which you are going through the website and everyone knows without publicity any business can’t run each and everything which comes in a market need a people attention to grow the same thing apply with the website it also can’t run without visitor’s attention.let see what is the work going to do in SEO or what kind of services provided by the SEO Agency and also benefits of SEO. Well, we first get to know what is the work in SEO services.

There is a lot of work done by SEO service agency which the proof is that after doing SEO let see the list. There are two types of SEO that need to be done for bringing a website in good books of visitors or to make a top place on SERPs

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

And in SEO services both types of SEO are done for getting the best results and our SEOflying agency provides the best service regard SEO all over Kolkata. So, let see what will be the provided.

On-Page SEO Services

  • Before doing an OFF-Page SEO need to be sure that we optimized the site or not I give you use the things apply accurate theme according to your business theme and then finally you publish your site.
  • Title, Description, Alt text (if you add any image), Meta tags, on focus keywords, so all the things need to be done because the Off-Page SEO is dependent on these activities and if these activities. if these activities are correctly done proper trending and useful keywords are used then your website can rank fast there are chances to catch a good ranking in SERPs.
  • All the work done on the website it’s all ON – Page SEO and all the work is optimized by SEO manager like checking the site URL, the website is secure or not means check the SSL certificate is taken or not, proper register on different Google tracking IDs and its called Analytics set up, indexed set up, sitemap, Robot’s txt. Etc.

Page Title

In, Page Title, there is no need to make it lengthy it should be kept short and easy to understand and yes must be SEO optimized. If your blog title keep it same as page title short and simple.

Image Alt Text

Alt txt means fill the name of picture in alt text option so the google crawler can easily find your website because mostly google crawler or other search engine catch the pictures information promptly.

Have A Look On Website

Look for a all over the website content, designing, page URLs, meta tags, keywords, content is according to SEO after look all the things and found faults, SEO manager make a systematic plan that how to access it and increase visitors on it.

Meta Description

Under Meta Description three things are come Title, Description and tags. All have word limit like title word limit should be under 60 words and description should 150 – 160 character. Both should be according to Seo optimized. So the visitors can easily find your website.

Page URLs

Page URL is also important part for SEO and help in indexing site on search engine there is need to design it in proper way Protocol (http/ https); sub domain (www.) main domain (site name) then slug (page name) and add proper slash and dots wherever is necessary because through page URL is easily to google crawl bots to index your website page and chances are increases of page ranking.

Responsive Website

Website should be responsive means get easy to open at each browser and device like laptop, mobile, desktop etc. and open with a fast speed means under 5 seconds the site should be open.

Infographic Submission

Infographic backlinks is about providing information clearly with information. This is also a way to create online presence and chances increase of increasing traffic.

Press Release Submission

Press release submission is a ultimate backlink. In this backlink provide important information about business or website, It is an active SEO Technique.

OFF-Page SEO Services

Create backlinks which is the most important off-page SEO in this process leave the URL of your site on another web page. it is done in many ways by making pdf, ppt, or writing 4 -5-line content. And sometimes you will have to write 250 – 500 words article to live a backlink of your website.

All these works are done by our SEOflying Agency expertise or can say SEO expertise and in a new trending way because for that an SEO manager knows well that kind of query or.

The whole thing is dependent on off-page SEO is dependent on backlink as you will leave the good links the chances get a higher increment of traffic. Because he knows well where what kind of backlinks should be by using which keyword and more than that he has fully idea that what kind of query for a particular thing a visitor can search and also in large numbers and of course a normal person can’t do. this is a big differentiate between expertise or beginner. so just choose best. And we are giving you both option cheap and best because our agency knows that in corona time when most of the people losing their jobs and going through with a worst-case with the business so, at that time how difficult to manage a start new thing. that’s why our firm all set up after look for all these and our first motive to client’s satisfaction and the other things comes later.

1. Guest Posting

Leave a full -fledged article with your site relevant article page link on other high DA PA site, consider to be a superior backlink

2. PDF & PPT

There is a two ways to leave a backlinks in theses two forms related to your website on PDF and PPT websites. You can add details and images of your full fledged or can ready for a particular page or prepare a unique content with your site link.

There are many sites on search engine which allow to leave a backlink in PDF and PPT infact later as the things going to start a rank this backlink help in creating ranking the most that’s why they consider to be quality backlinks.

3. Blog Commenting

Leave a backlink on comment box of other website pages help in page ranking

4. Local Listing

By local listing like creating website presence on social media and other platforms like My Business on B2B sites and all the possible growth.

5. Forum Posting

To create a online presence of site is just a way to participate in online forum discussion websites. It simply helps in drive the traffic to your website.

6. Web 2.0

Create a backlink on 2.O websites is quality backlink in this backlink our seo provider leave a backlink by writing a full-fledged article relevant to your website with a website link.

7. Image and Video submission

Image and Videos as fast catches the people attraction not only it catches the visitor’s attention even it is very responsive to search engine but the condition is that on images its necessary to applied alt text and on videos its necessary to put the right and seo optimized keywords.

Benefits Of SEO

  • SEO improves the ranking of the website
  • SEO helps website name is on top of the SERPs whenever any search query
  • SEO improves the ranking of the website
  • Purpose to increase organic traffic to your website so that your website can apply for ad sense or if it is for business so helps in increase in business.
  • Purpose to increase organic traffic to your website so that your website can apply for ad sense or if it is for business so helps in increase in business.

SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages

  • In Local SEO business websites registered on all the local area strongly.
  • SEOflying agency help you drive the customer or increase the website traffic at your local area by using Seo optimized keyword which help you to come in top of the SERPs. Improve in your business sales.
  • All these services provided in cheap packages

Global SEO service

  • If you want to expand your business globally through your online identification so,you should choice a experience holder SEO manager who can make your business place between global competitors and from there make you on no.1.
  • With SEOflying, we give your items and administrations quality in the worldwide well keywords search, construct and keep up with client well-disposed connections that are fundamental for making brand at Global Level and Improve your Social Media Presence. If your item is adequately viable to get a brief look at your reality crowd, then, at that point, what are you hanging tight for? Book SEOflying to soar your business in the worldwide field.

E–Commerece SEO Service

  • Now a days when everyone is going to take their business online. In this situation when the online crowd numbers of buyers and sellers more than physical market its hard to make place more tough to beat shopping platforms Like Amazon, Flipkart, ,Myntra, Jabong etc. Most certainly, you can't beat those eCommerce competitors as far as contest yet with our powerful and adjustable eCommerce Package, you can drive a colossal measure of online traffic to your eCommerce site.
  • With our reasonable SEO Company bundles, we ensure that you generally have a high ROI from our far-reaching digital marketing administrations. With us, you can make certain of a certain something, i.e., your business will consistently be running and your benefits continually streaming. We assist you with positioning for your item and administrations by focusing on both high need keywords and long-tail keywords.

Study About SEO With SEOflying

SEOflying Agency does not only provide services of SEO services but also provide training of SEO that means who wants to learn this subject and this a good career option and help you make the best SEO trainer. The company provides Ahrefs tool at a cheap price to the trainees for their practice of SEO. SEOflying is advisable the best company for learning SEO services and to take services too. More than that It is Available at your nearby place and It helps in providing work from home that means freelancing work and working in an office that means job assurance.

Branches Of SEOflying

If you getting worried that where we find the agency so, just relax we set up our business in every state and city of Kolkata. So, without any second thought that we need to make a online presence of website or I want to learn SEO or take training of SEO., so just don’t think because a SEO agency who providing you cheap and best SEO services at your own place.


An SEO manager can lead your website or help in publicity of your business he is aware of all the tips and tricks, he knows where what kind of information he needs to put and what kind of query a visitor search not only does he optimize your content too if there is not according to visitors query then its responsibility to correct it. SEOflying does not just provide SEO service but also provides training to those who are interested in digital marketing courses. Yes, our agency provides training to the new trainees. If you also looking for SEO service providers then just come here or look for learning this course then just come here which is also available at your living place.

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